August 14, 2012

Olympians and their Olympic pets

With the Olympics coming to a close last week, we wanted to pay tribute to all the great athletes of the 2012 games whom rely on more than their parents, friends or fans for encouragement during the games.

Some of the most famous and well-known athletes of 2012, including Jordyn Weiber, of the women’s gymnastics team and the all-time medal holder Michael Phelps each have the love and assurance of their family pets. But that’s not all, the impressive swimming champ, Ryan Lochte, the well-known tennis star, Venus Williams, and Natalie Coughlin also a victorious swimmer all have been known to speak about how they look to their pets for unconditional support during times of intense training and pressure.

We found this great video of athletic animals that are all Olympic worthy. Do you have an Olympic-pet? Post your pictures and/or videos to our blog today!

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