June 20, 2012

Take Your Dog to Work Day


Photo courtesy of www.pawmetto.com

Every dog has its day and this year it’s Friday, June 22 for the 14th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. Pet Sitters International created the event to celebrate dogs, encourage pet adoptions and boost employees’ moral. This year, thousands of dogs from across the country are expected to spend the day at the office.

If your boss seems a little apprehensive about Take Your Dog to Work Day, tell him or her about a recent study conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University that shows bringing dogs to the workplace lowers stress levels and increases employee satisfaction. According to the study, 50 percent of people who brought their dogs to work felt they had increased productivity. For us (and hopefully your boss), that’s definitely a reason to get the dogs out of the doghouse and into the rat race of the working world.

Are you taking your dog to work this Friday? Send us your pictures from Take Your Dog to Work Day and we will post them on our blog!

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