May 11, 2012

Feel Good Friday

The amazing pet story of the week had to be about adopted pitbull, Lilly, who rescued her owner from an on-coming train. Poor Lilly lost her leg, but her owner was unharmed and the pup is due to make a full recovery.

Now for some Cutie PAL’s that were submitted to our Facebook page this week! Remember, you can send your cute pet photos to both our Facebook timeline, or to Twitter, with the hashtag #cutiepal.

Minnie and Rocky, submitted by Suzanne

Coal and Piper, sent to us by Heather

These sleeping beauties were submitted by Barry. Beautiful!

Cutie PALs, indeed! Smokey and Gizmo curl up for a nap. Submitted by Wendy

Best caption of the week: “Eat my dust!” sent to us from Bruce

Enjoy your weekend PAL fans!

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