April 24, 2012

Workin’ Like a Dog

Are you allowed to bring your dog to the office with you?

According to the American Pet Products Association it is estimated that about 20% of companies have pet-friendly policies. Generally it’s smaller companies that have given the green light to pets at the office, but not exclusively. And the pets being brought along to work are not just dogs; the occasional cat and bunny come along too.

Though bringing pets to work may not be plausible or practical for every organization, but there are definite benefits to having animals in the workplace. Many employers report that people in the office are less stressed with pets around, and that it helps employees form better relationships. There is also the added benefit of pet-parents not having to worry about a pet being stuck at home alone.

At the PAL offices we have dogs in the office everyday. It’s not uncommon to hear dogs tearing down the hallway as they chase after a ball someone threw for them. Food bowls are around everywhere, and it’s the highlight of everyone’s day when the puppies come by the office.

Animals in the office, comes with its hazards. A lift of the leg on a desk… it’s happened. But overall everyone loves having pets here to keep us company throughout the day, and the dogs seem to like it too.

What’s your take on pets at the office? If you had the chance, would you bring your pet along?

P.S. “Take Your Dog to Work Day” is June 22. Mark it on your calendars!


Information provided in part by USA Today.

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