March 27, 2012

Life Lessons, From Your Pet

What can you learn from your pet?  While we humans think we’re running the show, of course, it’s really the pets who have it all figured out. : )

Here are a few life lessons you can take from the animals in your life.

Take Happiness from Simple Things

A new tennis ball. A tangle of yarn. Free space to roam or a cozy spot that’s just their own. Pets don’t need a lot to be happy. Take a clue from your pet and be sure to enjoy the simple things in life. Even in the chaos of busy schedules, find one thing each day that makes you smile, whether it’s a beautiful sunrise, a smile from someone you pass in the grocery store, or (of course) quality time with your pet at the end of the day!

Show Those Around You How Much You Care

For many people, coming home to a loving pet is the highlight of their day. When your pet comes up to greet you or rests their head on your lap the feeling of love from them is undeniable. These little gestures go a long way. You can apply this same idea to the people you care about. A simple text or a friendly pat on the arm can turn a person’s day around, the same way a kiss from your pet brightens your day.

Take Time to Play

Life is too short to take things too seriously, don’t you think? Our pets seem to have this figured out. Whether it’s splaying themselves out to get you to rub their belly, or tearing through the backyard in pursuit of a ball, pets take no shame in enjoying themselves. You shouldn’t either!

Play and exercise make for a happy pet. Take their lead. Walking everyday, especially with your pup, creates such great vibes, it has been proven to help fight depression. Just 30 minutes of daily activity can have drastic positive effects on your health. Try it!

Trust Your Instincts

Pets seem to have a sixth sense. Though pets have supersonic hearing or heightened night vision on their side, it’s also simply in their nature to go with their instincts. More often than not, this system works in their favor. So, the next time you have an inkling, trust yourself.

Still from the movie War Horse, where the horse, Joey, follows his instincts through war torn Europe to be reunited with his owner.

What are some life lessons you have learned from the pets in your life?

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