February 8, 2012

Help Rescue Pets

Were you one of the 111.3 million Americans to watch the match up between the Giants and the Patriots on Sunday? We definitely wouldn’t be the ones to hold it against you if you decided to tune into the Puppy Bowl on Animal Plant instead.

Though these games don’t have much in common aside from their name… both ended up promoting something we can all be happy about: rescue pets need your help!

The Puppy Bowl featured 58 totally cuddle-worthy shelter puppies from around the country frolicking around a mini-field and having some rough and tumble fun. This annual event, sponsored by Petfinder.com and Animal Planet, has obvious entertainment value, but the huge bonus is that by participating in the event ALL of the pups end up getting adopted! Not to mention, the Puppy Bowl got plenty of attention from national media, all helping to spread the message about pet adoption! Cool, huh?

 Watch a segment of the Puppy Bowl here.

During the second half of the actual Bowl, Budweiser aired a commercial with the lovable, rescue dog, Weego. Weego was featured fetching beers for his new owners… and the idea of using the new pup to do party-goers beer bidding rubbed some people the wrong way. The inappropriateness was certainly a thought in our minds when we saw the spot.


Of course, commercials during the big game are infamous for their (sometimes attempted) use of comedy, and we hope no one is actually having their pet fetch Buds for them. Instead we would like to focus on the positive: that Budweiser used the BIG GAME, the biggest advertising stage of the year, as a platform to promote the “Help Rescue Dogs” message. We think that’s pretty great.

Did you tune into the Puppy Bowl? What do you think of the commercial? Let us know in the comments!

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