January 24, 2012

Helping Your Pet Lose Lbs.

You may think there is no harm in your pet being a little overweight. More to cuddle, right?! The truth is, even a few extra pounds on your pets frame can have adverse effects on their overall health.

Overweight cats and dogs face a high risk of developing diabetes. It is also more likely for overweight animals to develop arthritis, which leads to decreased mobility, and therefore, more weight gain.

The amazing thing is – these expensive and life-threatening complications are preventable! If you know your pet is too heavy, take action now! (Check this chart to see if your pet is in a healthy weight range.)

Take these steps to help your pet live a longer, healthier life by your side.

First, visit your veterinarian. They can give you all the right information to get your pet on the right track to a healthy weight.

Exercise! Have you been skipping more than a few daily walks? Start incorporating walks back into you and your dog’s routine. For heavy cats, amp up play time f0r 20 minutes with a flashlight or an intriguing feather toy.

Choose better food. Look for quality meat ingredients on the ingredient list. Also be sure there is no added sugar, artificial preservatives or flavors. Your pet simply doesn’t need them. Be sure to discuss food with your vet when you go in.

Stop the snacking. Those little treats can end up adding many more calories to your pet’s daily intake than you realize. Make sure when you do give a treat it’s a healthy one. Also, don’t give in to begging! Those eyes are hard to resist, but it’s for their own good.

Has your pet struggled with weight gain? What are some tricks you used to help them stay healthy? 

Information provided in part by: WikiHow, Caesar’s Way and CNN

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