January 10, 2012

Better Than A Personal Trainer

Are you serious about getting in shape? You may want to think about adding a dog to your life.

(Okay, that shouldn’t be the only reason… But keep reading.)

A new bit of research shows that dog owners who walk their pet are 34 percent more likely to meet federal guidelines for physical activity. These results are mostly relevant to those who handle the dog walking (and if you’re not doing it – who is?). But the Michigan State University study found, dog owners are not just doing a quick walk around the block so the pup can do his business. Dog owners were more active and more healthy overall.

Walking the Dog. Photo Courtesy of PAWS of Jackson Hole

Combine that with the information that walking  your dog is proven to soothe you and reduce stress – and you are receiving a double whammy of goodness. All thanks to your little fur ball.

Are you the dog walker of the family? Do you think it helps you get more exercise?

Information provided in part by ABC News

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