September 14, 2011

Man’s Best Friend

Before we start out here, let’s set the record straight. While dogs have held the ‘Man’s Best Friend’ title for as long as any of us can remember, all kinds of pets, lizards, birds, cats, horses, bunnies and any others, all count as best friends. No matter what sort of animal you prefer, pets improve human life in many, many ways.

Anyone who is a PAL fan would probably agree to all of these:

People who care for a pet are less likely to suffer from depression. During emotionally tough times humans have a tendency to hide from the world. Talking about grief, heartbreak, or anger with another person can be daunting. Having a pet to share your feelings with, or simply have by your side as you deal with complex feelings, will help you cope.

Pets offer a non-judgmental outlet for all of your emotions. Pets will stay by your side while you cry; they don’t offer unsolicited advice, all they want to give is companionship.

Children coping with the death of a family member, families going through divorce or people learning they have a serious illness can all benefit from having access to a pet. It seems pets can tell when a person is going through emotional or physical challenges and will be more attentive. When it feels like no one else could understand what you are dealing with, your pet will be there to comfort you.

Feel the love. That happy-fuzzy-insides feeling you have after a pet cuddle sesh is mutual. The bond between humans and animals gives people feelings of safety, tranquility, happiness, satisfaction and love and these feelings increase in your pet as well.

Pets can sit with you for as long as necessary. And sometimes that’s all we need to feel better, for someone to be there for us. It just so happens when that “someone” is a pet it means good news for your emotional health.

Do you all agree? Do any of you have a story about how your pet helped you through a hard time?

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