June 29, 2011

Move Over, Fido

When it comes to naming pets, some people are determined to go beyond the typical.

Veterinary Pet Insurance may be the best source to finding out the most odd and original pet names in the U.S. They have access to a database of the more than 470,000 pets insured through their company.

Each year they vote on the top 50 most unconventional cat and dog names that exist in their records. With names like these, could your pet be a contender?

Dogs Cats
Pickle von Corndog Purr Diem
Lord Chubby Pruneface Cleocatra
Ninjastar Dangerrock Admiral Pancake
Flopsy Squeakerton Senor Nachos
Molly McBoozehound Sergeant Pickles
Baba Ganoush Phebe Picklespam
Virginia Woof Lord Meow Mix
Lady Chuckles of West Oak Chunky Butt
Manly Man Sanders Kitty Peepers Mcdaid
Mary-Louise Barker Poop Mouse

We have to wonder, are these pets called by their full names all the time? Can you imagine calling out “Lord Chubby Pruneface” every time you want your pet to come in from the yard? It’s quite a mouthful… Not to mention, it would be pretty difficult to say that in a serious tone when, ahem, someone pees on the carpet.

This list of names are a little more commonplace. Here’s a list of some of the most popular pet names in the U.S.

Max, Tigger, Jake, Tiger, Buddy, Molly, Sassy, Shadow, Lady, and Lucky

If you need some pet-name inspiration, or just want to see the full list of crazy names from Veterinary Pet Insurance, check it out here.

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