National Get A PAL For Your Pet Day


Celebrate pets this Thursday, November 19 during PAL's National Get A Pal For Your Pet Day! Join the celebration by changing your social media profile photos to these custom Get a Pal For Your Pet Day images all day as well as using #Pals4Pets on all social media channels.  Most importantly, you can show your support by encouraging family and friends to consider adding another pet to the family!

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Just like humans, pets need companionship, especially when owners are away from home. Having at least two compatible pets boosts the social interaction, exercise, health and overall well being of pets. That’s why PAL has implemented National Get A PAL For Your Pet Day. November 19 each year is the day we increase awareness of the benefits of multiple pet ownership, and encourage people to consider adoption of another pet.

Tips for Becoming a Multiple Pet Home

Before bringing another pet into your home, consider how much time you have to dedicate to more than one pet. Choose a pet that matches your daily activity level. If you don’t have lot of downtime, look into pets that don’t require training or constant activity such as fish, reptiles or small animals.

Home Type
Make sure your type of home and the amount of space are adequate for more than one pet. If you live in an apartment without a backyard, consider smaller pets that can comfortably live indoors such as fish or small animals. A larger home with a backyard is generally better suited to comfortably accommodate more than one dog.  

It’s important to research the breed and temperament of your current pet before looking into a second. If your dog is a herder, an older cat might not be the best option. If your cat has a strong prey drive, getting a hamster is not the best choice. By doing your homework, you’ll also find out if the pet you’re considering requires a pal of the same breed, like guinea pigs do.

Pre-Introduction Opportunities
Whenever possible, give each animal something with the scent of the other on it. Being acquainted with the smell give pets a sense of familiarity and can help when they actually meet face to face.

Slowly But Surely
Introduce animals in small intervals of time. Separation by way of a baby gate or by leashes can help introduce animals at a slower, more comfortable pace. By giving the newcomer a safe haven to retreat to, you can help manage any anxiety that may arise initially.

Supervise & Be Aware
Only you truly know your pet’s signs of aggression, anxiety, fear or peace. For the first few months, it’s imperative to keep an eye on both pets, and to temporarily separate them if necessary.

Give Time a Chance & Be Patient
Bringing another pet into your home is new for everybody. Whenever possible, let your new addition get acclimated to your house and family before meeting your animal family members. If keeping them separate isn’t an option, monitor them closely while they get acquainted. As long as there isn’t overt aggression, they’ll work out a peaceful rapport, even if their solution is avoidance.

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