About PAL

Pets Add Life is a non-profit campaign established by the American Pet Products Association. The mission of PAL is to increase awareness of the bonds and other rewards associated with pets of all types. Through primarily social media, PAL encourages pet adoption, responsible pet ownership and multiple pet adoptions. Ultimately, the purpose of PAL is to spread the joys that come with pet ownership. 

Search For a Pet
Looking for a match made in heaven? Use our search tool, powered by PetFinder, to find the perfect pal to adopt. You can search by type, breed, age, gender and location to find hundreds of pets in need of loving homes.

Find a Shelter
Animal shelters are some of the very best places to find creatures that are perfect for you, your family and the animals already loving the life in your home. Powered by PetFinder, this tool can help you identify the shelters closest to you.

Children’s Poetry Contest
Encouraging children across the nation to express their love for pets and the joys and benefits they have on their lives, the annual Children's Poetry Contest awards students in grades 3rd -8th and their classrooms with cash prizes to further pet education.

National Get a PAL for Your Pet Day
Just like humans, pets need companionship! PAL celebrates exactly that during National Get a PAL For Your Pet Day (November 19) to increase awareness of the benefits of multiple pet ownership.

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Mouse Rover

Watch as this space-driven, talking mouse makes contact and quickly realizes the gravity of his situation….that he might not be alone in space after all!


Wet Dog

A wet and grumpy Oakley is clean, but not very happy about it! If only he had another pal to discuss bath time with…


Doggie Mind Games

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